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Send In Service

The Send in Service allows you to send your own Gameboy to us for a fresh new look. 

How it works:

Enter the Customizer and select "Provide your own Gameboy" for a reduced price. After you have selected this option, we will contact you with an address to ship the handheld to. Once the device is received it will undergo its transformation according to the design that you specify, then it will be shipped to your address! 

I have removed the DMG, Colour and Pocket customizers due to costs however I will continue to offer these models customized as I have always done. I will be working on new products for these however they won't be visual so if you email myself we will work together to build your dream handheld. Check our collections to see the new Send in Service options and Customizers for the Gameboy DMG, Color and Pocket.

Enter the Customizer Here:



Please allow some extra time involved with the process as you ship the product to us first, there will be turnaround times out of our control.