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Yellow Backlit Gameboy Advance

Yellow Backlit Gameboy Advance

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All builds are of the highest quality, this product includes:

  • IPS Backlit Display with Adjustable Brightness Installed
  • New Shell
  • New Buttons
  • New Rubber Pads
  • New Lens
  • New Capacitors
  • Tactile Triggers for L and R Buttons
  • New Speaker
  • Glass Lens
  • Original Motherboard

- Capacitors have been replaced to deliver cleaner and more stable power throughout the board, these are a must and are included in pricing.

- Better sound quality driven by new capacitors and a new speaker to provide you a better gaming experience.

Lithium Battery with magnetic charger is available for purchase

Also offering the Helder AMP and Power Cleaner on Gameboy Advances.

Add an Amp for $30

Add a power cleaner for $20

Please email me at for a custom invoice with the Helder Additions